Busbars and insulation products for
electricity and energy industries

Busbars and insulation products

Busbars and insulation products

Among our most popular contract manufacturing products are busbars made of copper and aluminium that are used in the electricity and energy industries.

Our busbar solutions are either ready-to-install or, in case you decide to choose our assembly service as well, the solution is delivered as final as you wish.

Thanks to our highly automatized production, both the low-voltage busbars and the deliveries meant for large industrial transformers can be delivered fast and cost-efficiently.

In addition to traditional busbars, we also specialize in the production of flexible busbars, produced from tin-copper strip using a patented production method. The tin-copper strip makes the busbar installer-friendly and improves its resistance in challenging conditions.

Furthermore, the current-carrying values of our flexible busbars are higher than those in traditional busbars. Typical applications for flexible busbars include vibrating equipment as well as joints requiring thermal expansion.

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