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Distribution cabinets for
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Distribution cabinets

Together with its customers, SOP-Metal has developed a collection of distribution cabinets that meet even the most demanding needs.

The collection comprises cabinets for:

  • Street distribution
  • Underground cable installations

SOP-Metal’s cabinets are made from a double-wall structure, which ensures that the products are durable and remain in good condition for years to come.

In practice, the double-wall structure means that the cabinet’s wall and roof sheets are made of cell structured aluminium profile, which isolates humidity and enables screw fixations on the structure.

Furthermore, the cabinet is very installer-friendly and a real treat for the eyes.

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Technical information:

  • Made of aluminium cell profile, (adjustable legs are made of stainless steel)
  • Height 1000mm-2000mm (+ adjustable legs min 10mm- 40mm)
  • Width: 425mm-1375mm (+ adjustable legs 75mm)
  • Weight: 45kg-78kg

Additional services

  • Perforated setup panel
  • Additional isolations
  • Certificated with IP34D rating
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