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Effective railway noise barriers for
railway construction sites

Railway Noise Barrier

Train traffic and railway construction sites are causing an increasing amount of noise problems in cities and residential neighbourhoods. To address the issue, SOP-Metal has developed a noise barrier solution that is both convenient and efficient and that brings peace and quiet back to areas surrounding railways.

The noise barrier is designed to serve as a temporary solution for railway construction sites, but it is equally suitable for log-term use as well.

Thanks to the low height of the noise barrier, the landscape around the railway will remain unchanged and the visibility from the train is not affected.

The SOP-Metal railway noise barrier is attached directly to the rail, so the installation is quick and easy. Additionally, the distance between the noise barrier and the railway track is adjustable.

All SOP-Metal noise barrier solutions are tailor-made to meet local requirements and take into account all safety regulations as well as emergency exits. Contact our sales department, and let us build you a noise barrier solution that fits your requirements!

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