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Materials for Electrical Insulation
There are also places where
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Materials for electrical insulation

When electricity is insulated, it is important to prevent leakage current and to ensure the stability of electric voltage. Hence, in order to achieve best possible results, it is also crucial to choose the right material for electrical insulation and to carefully design the insulation solution as well as its production.

SOP-Metal produces electrical insulation solutions from various materials, the most common ones being rubber, plastic, glass fibre and different kinds of ready-made materials.

All of our insulation solutions are delivered tailor-made. Our production methods include water jet cutting, which is known for its precision, as well as face milling, which is very efficient. When choosing the method of production, we always take into account the precision required as well as any other special requirements (such as heat resistance) set by the insulation material in question.

Insulation parts produced by SOP-Metal are used in various sites in the electricity and energy industries. The most common types of insulation solutions include different kinds of supports, holders, props and cable ducts.

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