06.08.2021 | 
Busbar is a key component used in the electricity and energy industries to conduct current between points A and B.
14.05.2020 | 
Early this year we commissioned a study at the Technology Research Institute VTT comparing the properties between flexible and fixed busbars manufactured by SOP-Metal.
19.12.2019 | 
We are wishing you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!
26.04.2019 | 
SOP-Metal acquired 18.75% of Origo Engineering shares, specializing in mechanical design and 3D printing.
12.02.2019 | 
SOP-Metal has acquired the entire share capital of V-S Mikromekaniikka Oy in Turku. The deal was completed in autumn 2018.
13.12.2018 | 
SOP-Metal has acquired a new CNC-controlled high-speed milling machine (Excitech E3-1530D) to streamline its subcontracting services. The machine was delivered by Rensi Finland Oy.
10.10.2018 | 
The acquired Eagle 12kW + 6G fiber laser system is particularly effective in the cutting of, e.g., stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper.
04.09.2018 | 
SOP-Metal wants to serve its clients in the best possible way and show that the company is both developing its operations and operating in accordance with modern international systems. We…
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