MDY Busduct system
MDY Busduct system
A Reliable Solution for
Power Transmission in Demanding Environments

MDY Busduct – Application Versatility

The MDY busduct system is the SOP-Metal’s solution for power transmission from the transformer to low voltage switchgear and between switchgear sections.

From the point of view of transmission reliability, busduct is the safest solution for conducting current from distribution transformer to main switchgear and motor control board.

The MDY busduct is manufactured from insulated conducting bars, which can be made of aluminium or copper. Thanks to its construction, the busduct is rigid and its short circuit withstand is in a class of its own from the transformer terminals up to the main switching device terminals of the switchgear. Even with its open construction, the insulated busduct can be used in demanding environments.

In addition to full phase separation, the MDY busduct can also be protected from rain and mechanical damage using an additional enclosure.

MDY busduct

The MDY busduct is manufactured in transport units which enable quick and easy installation and connecting even in narrow places. It can be connected to existing switchgear, and also joined to different manufacturers busducts. Each MDY busduct system is designed individually on order to ensure an optimal solution for our customers.

The MDY Busduct System – a reliable solution for power transmission in demanding environments

The self-supporting frame construction of the MDY busduct is achieved using corrosion resistant aluminium profiles. The insulators with their carriers, fastened to the aluminium profiles, form a rigid but light construction. The short-circuit withstand level of the MDY busduct is sufficient for most applications.

MDY busduct is

  • Rigid to withstand short circuits – No electric arcs
  • Good cost-effectiveness
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Safe and reliable operation
MDY busduct illustration

1 Horizontal angles are formed by bending.

2 Halogen-free plastic insulation.

3 The degree of protection by enclosure of the busbar covers is IP30 and when fully sealed IP54. If required, IP65 is also available. The installation adjustment range is ± 40 mm. Busbar extension joints are enclosed, otherwise the construction is open.

4 Vertical angles have the same enclosure class as busbar joints. Installation adjustment range is ± 20 mm.

5 The busduct can be connected to the switchgear from top or the bottom. Connection to MNS-type switchgear is carried out using standard bushings providing the same enclosure class as the busduct. This guarantees the shortcircuit withstand of the busduct system up to the main switching device terminals.

Busbar material

The MDY busbar material is aluminium or copper, but can also be tin-coated copper. A halogen-free insulating plastic coating is extruded onto the bars. The insulation fastens tightly ontothe busbar surface, which guarantees an excellent current-carrying capacity of the busduct. The insulation material allows the busbars to be bent.

Busbar bushings and mechanical protection (wall, roof and floor bushings)

The fire insulation between compartments is realised using bushings, which fulfil fire separation class EI-M 60 or EI-M 120 according to the fire-safety regulations for production and storage buildings.

Flexible MDY busduct connections

The MDY busduct is connected to a transformer using flexible connections which negate the effects of thermal expansion and vibrations. Long busducts (>20 m) are provided with longitudinal expanding connections to attenuate the thermal expansion. The connections are pre-installed on the busduct at the factory.

Other equipment

  • Busbar sectionalizer switch – Current transformers
  • Protections:
    • mechanical protection
    • protection against rain
    • protection against insects

MDY Technical Data

  • Rated voltage Ue 400 … 690 V(tested 1000 V AC / 1500 V DC, 3/N/PE)
  • Rated current Ie 1200 … 5500 A
  • Short-circuit withstand current:
    • short-time withstand current Icw max. 100 kA, 1s
    • peak withstand current Ipk max. 235 kA
  • Enclosure class IP 30, IP 54, (IP 65)

Current values

curent values
bushing sizes

Frame sizes

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