Our Machining Services Just Expanded! – Brand-New Vertical Machining Center Installed and Ready for Work

Our latest investment broadens our range of machining services and speeds up our process.

The new vertical machining center is a Hyundai WIA F500 Plus, which features the Fanuc 0i control system. It was delivered and installed by Finnish supplier Machinery Oy.

SOP-Metal is specialized in subcontracting services involving materials such as copper, aluminium and steel. With the expansion of our range of machinery, the overall reliability of our service is further improved.

“With all expenses included, this was roughly a €100,000 investment,” SOP-Metal CEO Sami Kuntola says and continues to emphasize, “Of course, the benefits brought upon by the investment will be significantly higher.”

The new machining center will further increase the flexibility of our production, which is something that our customers attach great importance to. In the future, our products will reach the customer even faster than before.

Last spring, SOP-Metal invested half a million euros in a nine-meter Elumatec SBZ 151 machining center, which is especially suitable for the machining of long pieces and profiles.

Moreover, a couple of years ago we invested in the modernization and robotization of our existing machining center.

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SOP-Metal produces busbar solutions and other subcontracting products requiring high level of material know-how for the electricity and energy industries. In addition, we are experts at both conducting and isolating electric currents, and we can do the whole job for you from design all the way to manufacturing the components.

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