SOP-Metal’s new 5-axis copper and aluminum profile machining center is good and ready!

SOP-Metal’s new 5-axis copper and aluminum profile machining center is good and ready!
11.08.2022 | 

We are happy to announce that our profile machining capacity has increased dramatically during the summer!

Thanks to our brand new 5-axis profile machining center, we have doubled our capability to machine rod and flat bar products.

“Frankly, our backlog has been asking for help for some time now, so the increased capacity is a welcome improvement! Now that we can run two highly efficient profile machining centers in two shifts, I’m confident that our customers will soon feel the difference, SOP-Metal’s Production Manager, Jarkko Jämsä, says.”

The new machine center includes all the same operations as the previously acquired machine does; routing, drilling, tapping, thread milling, notching, and sawing.

  • Additionally, the new machine center has a few aces on its sleeve. For instance:
  • It can machine longer bars and rods (up to 10,300 mm)
  • Automatic feed when sawing short pieces
  • More clamps to stabilize the product while machining
  • 3D measurement sensor for accurate measurement
  • EluCloud function for monitoring and analyzing machine production

“Even though the need for extra capacity was the primary reason for the investment, it extended our service range and improved our quality and process as well,” Jämsä summarizes.

SOP-Metal Oy manufactures subcontracting products that require high material expertise, such as the electricity and energy industries. Our most common subcontract products are various busbars made of copper and aluminum and related joints. In addition, we manufacture a wide range of different steel structures. SOP-Metal was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Vaasa Airport Park.

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