SOP-Metal Updated Its Quality And Environmental Management System To The 2015 Version

SOP-Metal Updated Its Quality And Environmental Management System To The 2015 Version
04.09.2018 | 

SOP-Metal wants to serve its clients in the best possible way and show that the company is both developing its operations and operating in accordance with modern international systems.

We have updated our quality management system to the modernized ISO 9001:2015 version and our environmental management system to the ISO 14001:2015 version.

“We believe that the updates will further improve the quality and reliability of our operations. Our clients will certainly benefit from the modernization,” says SOP-Metal’s HR & Quality Manager Kirsi Korvola-Mäkinen.

In general, the modernized versions of both standards stress the importance of management and the management’s commitment to acting in accordance with the systems. They also distribute the responsibility for high-quality work across the entire organization.

Furthermore, development work will also focus on process-oriented thinking, risk management, and how to provide the clients with even better service.

Risk mapping is utilized so that the company can prepare for, e.g., breakdowns and other resource-related problems and identify the risks and opportunities concerning the entire operating environment.

The old environmental standard emphasized the development of an environmental management system, whereas the new standard focuses on the improvement of the level of environmental protection.

“This is reflected, among other things, in that the new 2015 version focuses more on life cycle thinking. We have, for example, increased the reutilization of packaging materials and significantly decreased the amount of produced waste,” points out Korvola-Mäkinen.

The new standards also clarify document management and operational processes inside the company.

SOP-Metal’s original ISO 9001 standard is from 2002, and its ISO 14001 standard is from 2004. Our company also has the CE marking right, which is from 2014, for steel structures in accordance with standard EN1090.

SOP-Metal produces busbar solutions and other subcontracting products requiring high level of material know-how for various industries, including the electricity and energy sectors. In addition, we both conduct and isolate electric currents. We can do the whole job from design all the way to manufacturing the components.

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