SOP-Metal Joins National Project to Improve Its Employees’ Well-Being at Work

SOP-Metal Joins National Project to Improve Its Employees’ Well-Being at Work
"Työkaari kantaa" is Work Cycle Carries in Finnish.
18.01.2018 | 

SOP-Metal is to participate in the Work Cycle Carries project, which aims to help companies improve their employees’ well-being at work as well as bring about other positive changes.

The project is organized by Technology Industries of Finland, Trade Union Pro, Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff (YTN) and Industrial Union. As a member of Technology Industries of Finland, SOP-Metal made the decision to join the project.

“The participation was met with great enthusiasm throughout our organization,” says Quality & Human Resources Manager Ms Kirsi Korvola-Mäkinen. “Everybody’s expectations for the project are positively high.”

The core idea behind Work Cycle Carries is that in order for well-being at work to continue throughout the entire working career, employers need to be able to take into account the varying needs of its individual employees. Meanwhile, it is also essential that employees’ wide-ranging skills and knowledge are brought to good use.

The project offers its participants a comprehensive information kit regarding work cycle leadership, as well as online tools that help the companies achieve their goals.

SOP-Metal is currently preparing for the project by composing its own plan of action, which will pinpoint the areas in which improvements are to be made during the project. Final touches to the plan will be added by the end of January.

“We’re going to be telling you more about the contents of the plan later, as some of the details still remain under discussion,” says Korvola-Mäkinen. “Our foremost goal, however, is going to be the increase of our employees’ health and well-being at work. That said, it is more than likely that our core themes during the project will revolve around these issues.”

SOP-Metal has named a project team, in which each category of staff has its own representative. Alongside Korvola-Mäkinen, other members of the project team are CEO Mr Sami Kuntola, Safety and Health Manager Mr Pekka Särkiniemi and Safety and Health Representative Mr Pekka Kotkavaara.

There’s still time to apply for the project. For members of Technology Industries of Finland, participation is free of charge. Work Cycle Carries ends in October 2018.

SOP-Metal produces busbar solutions and other subcontracting products requiring high level of material know-how for various industries, including the electricity and energy sectors. In addition, we both conduct and isolate electric currents. We can do the whole job from design all the way to manufacturing the components.

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