SOP-Metal’s Subsidiary UltraCut Oy Invests Over a Million Euros in a New Fiber Laser Cutter

SOP-Metal’s Subsidiary UltraCut Oy Invests Over a Million Euros in a New Fiber Laser Cutter
Vossi Group Oy’s Product Manager Juha-Pekka Hietala and UltraCut Oy’s CEO Sami Kuntola.
10.10.2018 | 

The acquired Eagle 12kW + 6G fiber laser system is particularly effective in the cutting of, e.g., stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper.

A few weeks ago, UltraCut Oy announced the most significant machine acquisition in its history at the Subcontracting Trade Fair. The decision to expand the cutting repertoire from water and abrasive cutting to fiber laser cutting is a significant one, and, in addition to UltraCut’s own clients, it also benefits the clients of SOP-Metal, which operates at the same production facility in Vaasa, Finland.

SOP-Metal is specialized in the manufacture of busbars and other subassemblies required in the electricity and energy industry. In the case of these subassemblies, the ability to machine copper, brass, or aluminum plays, without exception, a key role.

Is it so that the investment made by UltraCut also supports the operations of SOP-Metal particularly well?

“Yes, indeed! This investment makes so many things possible for the clients of both companies. Few can, for instance, cut copper that is 15 millimeters thick. Next spring, UltraCut will, however, be able to achieve this with copper that is up to 25 millimeters thick,“ says Sami Kuntola, who acts as the CEO of both companies.

Other challenging materials that the Eagle 12kW + 6G fiber laser is able to cut up to great thicknesses include stainless steel (60 mm), aluminum (50 mm), and brass (30 mm). The maximum size of the plates to be processed is 1,500 x 3,000 mm.



“It is difficult to comprehend the effectiveness of the machine if you have not seen it in operation.”




Sami Kuntola is signing the contract for the Eagle 12kW + 6G fiber laser at the Subcontracting Trade Fair.


Effective and precise

As was stated earlier, Eagle 12kW + 6G is not only exceptionally effective, but also very precise. Its speed and ability to manage complicated cutting patterns is almost baffling.

“It is difficult to comprehend the effectiveness of the machine if you have not seen it in operation. I was given the opportunity to visit Eagle’s factory in Poland and watch the conveyor table of our cutter speed back and forth between the cuts with 6G acceleration. I must admit that I was impressed,” Kuntola reflects.

In general terms, the fiber laser is a significant step forward in the field of laser cutting, where the CO₂ laser has been the most commonly used system for a long time. In the case of the fiber laser, the beam is created in the fiber, from which it is directed to the cutting end of the machine. This method produces twice as much power with the same voltage. In addition, the fiber laser consumes significantly less power than the CO₂ laser.

The delivery of UltraCut’s new fiber laser system takes place in March 2019, and the system will be delivered by Vossi Group.

UltraCut, based in Vaasa, is a company specialized in high-pressure water jet cutting.

SOP-Metal produces busbar solutions and other subcontracting products requiring high-level of material know-how for various industries, including the electricity and energy sectors. In addition, we both conduct and isolate electric currents. We can do the whole job from design all the way to manufacturing the components.

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