SOP-Metal Is Main Sponsor of the Finnish Welding Championship!

SOP-Metal Is Main Sponsor of the Finnish Welding Championship!
20.03.2018 | 

The Finnish Welding Championship takes place during the Nordic Welding Expo and Konepaja Trade Fair held in Tampere, Finland between March 20 and 22. SOP-Metal is the main sponsor of the competition.

Organized by The Welding Society of Finland, the competition is targeted at young welders currently pursuing a vocational degree in the field. Altogether eight competitors have been selected to compete in the finals.

“Since we are specialized in demanding welding, the Finnish Welding Championship is a perfect event for us to appear in,” says Mr Pekka Särkiniemi from SOP-Metal.

As the main sponsor, SOP-Metal will supply the steel and aluminium pieces used in the competition, while the prizes are also offered by the company. In exchange, SOP-Metal will receive plenty of visibility throughout the three-day trade event.

“In the main entrance hall, two enormous SOP-Metal logos will surround the competition area,” says Särkiniemi. “In addition, we will have our own stand in the hall. The event will be a great opportunity for us to reach not only potential customers, but also our future employees.”

Just like the trade events surrounding it, the welding competition starts on Tuesday and concludes on Thursday, March 22, when the winners are also announced.

SOP-Metal produces busbar solutions and other subcontracting products requiring high level of material know-how for various industries, including the electricity and energy sector. In addition, we both conduct and isolate electric currents. We can do the whole job from design all the way to manufacturing the components.

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