Our New High-Speed Milling Machine at Your Service

Our New High-Speed Milling Machine at Your Service
13.12.2018 | 

SOP-Metal has acquired a new CNC-controlled high-speed milling machine (Excitech E3-1530D) to streamline its subcontracting services. The machine was delivered by Rensi Finland Oy.

SOP-Metal specializes in manufacturing sub-assemblies for the electrical and energy industries, where, among other things, different insulators have a significant role to play. Typical examples of insulation solutions include various supports, holders, brackets and cable grommets. In practice, the purpose of the insulators is to prevent the possibility of leakage and to ensure the durability of electrical voltages.

Excitech E3-1530D is, in fact, perfect for cutting insulation materials – the machine can even cut thin aluminum and copper plates. In addition to the milling feature, the new machine can be used for drilling, engraving and grinding when required. The unit also has an eight-tool magazine for different operations.

All in all, the new Excitech is a very good addition to SOP-Metal’s water cutting services, which make it easy to cut, but for example, the creation of non-perforated holes, recesses or bevels is not possible.

“On the new milling machine, the parts to be processed can be attached to the table using vacuum rather than mechanical vice technology.”

Improvement in work efficiency and accuracy

As a whole, SOP-Metal’s insulation material production is effective from many points of view. For example, the size of the new table and its working area is larger than the old machine’s. The working area is now as much as 1560 x 3080 millimeters, and, in addition, the maximum height of the workpiece is 180 millimeters. The new machine table is not only bigger in area, it also has better technology than its predecessor.

“On the new milling machine, the parts to be processed can be attached to the table using vacuum rather than mechanical vice technology. This will make the work much more efficient”,   Pekka Särkiniemi points out, responsible for sales of SOP-Metal cutting services.

In addition, the Excitech E3-1530D achieves even better dimensional accuracy. In practice, this means improving the positioning accuracy of 0.5 millimeters for the old machine to as much as 0.05 millimeters.

“The new high-speed milling machine greatly improves the quality and efficiency of our insulation material production and enables us to offer our customers an even more versatile service. All in all, therefore, it is a really good acquisition”, Särkiniemi says.

Why is the cutting of insulating materials challenging?

Glass fiber, as well as other composite materials such as various Bakelites or plastics, are often used as insulation materials. When machining these materials, the spindle speed of the machine and the machining speed itself must be accurately balanced so that the material to be cut does not burn and dull the blade.

Accurate and efficient cutting of insulation materials requires both the right machine and extensive experience of how the materials behave when being machined.

Technical Summary:

– Table Size: 1560 x 3100mm

– Machining area: 1560 x 2080 x 180mm

– Method for attaching to table: Vacuum

– 8-place tool magazine

– Positioning accuracy: + – 0.05/300mm

SOP-Metal produces busbar solutions and other subcontracting products requiring high-level of material know-how for various industries, including the electricity and energy sectors. In addition, we both conduct and isolate electric currents. We can do the whole job from design all the way to manufacturing the components.

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